BEMA spray gun for coolant SP 1/2"

It is a certainty in any workshop that there is a compressed air gun available on any machine tool and on any workbench. If something is correct and also sensible on a workbench, this does not necessarily apply to the machine tool. There the chips should not be blown away with compressed air. Using a jet of fluid, the chips should be cleaned off the workpiece, the clamping devices and the guides.

This is easily possible with the BEMA SP 1/2" spray gun. It is connected to the machine's own coolant circuit. Its ergonomically-shaped handle made of strong metal gives a good grip because of the grooves for the fingers. By means of the movable lever, the cleaning jet can be smoothly adjusted from spray jet to full jet. A permanent jet is also possible.

The advantage of cleaning machine devices and tensioning devices with a fluid jet lies in the dynamics of the fluid. In other words: the fluid washes the impurities away. Relatively slight pressure is enough. This slight pressure has not enough force to raise the scrapers’ sealing lips and to push the fine dirt into the guides.

The fine dust is also bound with the fluid and not distributed as a cloud of dust. This also means that it cannot be breathed in. Using compressed air, the particles are blown away by means of the set pressure. They become distributed in the machine housing and the close vicinity.