Follow-rest L 130 / L 230 universal

The follow-rests are made of extremely strong aluminium. That gives them a higher stability than the traditional cast follow-rests. They are, however, easier to handle for fitting and dismantling.

They can be folded out completely. This makes loading from above problem-free.

Locking is by means of a strong eyebolt and precision is achieved by means of a centring device. The turned part's circumference is adjusted by means of knurled screws and controlled valves.
The valves are available as rolling valves or slide shoe valves.

The slide shoe valves can be supplied with various slide shoes, for example, with PKD slide shoe, hard metal slide shoe or bronze slide shoe.
Size "L 130" can be opened up to a diameter of 130mm.
Size "L 230" can be opened up to a diameter of 230mm.