Coolant handling

BEMA programmable coolant nozzles
DGM G 92 16 199.5

  • practical
  • efficient
  • easily attachable

Cooling problems on manual and automatic machines are now easily solved by the BEMA P1/P2 Handling System!

Cooling problems:

Which problems occur during the chip removal process? Most milling

machines have one or a maximum of two cooling hoses, which are each
manually directed onto the working tool. Experience shows that the
directed cooling hose abandons its desired preset position.

  • forced aside by vibrations
  • knocked aside by continuously rotating chips
  • pushed aside by protruding clamps, etc.


The milling cutter, tap, drill etc. are inadequately cooled, which also
leads to inadequate chip removal. The focal distance has to be reset
every time the tool is changed.

BEMA P1/P2 is what the new formula is called!

No hoses, just automatic cooling nozzles, which hit and thus cool extremely efficiently the desired point on the working tool.

  • centring drill and NC spotting drill
  • drill, short or long
  • milling cutter, short or long
  • reamers
  • tap and much more

The cooling jet is always correctly directed onto the working tool.