BEMA FSM 260 Lever-operated grinding machine

Which toolmaker or machine fitter has not often pronounced the following sentence to a grinder: “Hey, can you grind a hundredth off for me?” Some of the answers you don't want to know. How nice it would be in the fitting shop, whether in the machine engineering mechanical engineering or toolmaking area, if there were a little grinding machine with which you could grind off a hundredth or grind that chamfer level. Grind accurately is all such a grinding machine needs to do, or nearly all it needs to do. That is because the fitter does not want to have to make himself familiar with the workings of the machine again, in order to be able to program everything. As we have said already, he just wants to grind "speedily".

Such a machine is the BEMA FSM 260. The grinding length is 260mm, the grinding width 180mm and the grinding height 220mm. In a study in various works, most grinding paths were seen to be under 150mm. This makes the BEMA FSM 260 grinding paths more than adequate.
All three carriages are cross-roller carriages from Schneeberger. This is your guarantee of long-life grinding precision. The grinding spindles can be swivelled by 45° to right or left. All the feed manoeuvres are carried out manually. This removes the need for programming.

In mechanical engineering, spacer rings have to be ground or stops have to be aligned. In toolmaking, the EDM burr on the dies must be removed. A small chamfer must be affixed, one hundredth more die clearance is required or the die quite simply only has to be sharpened. These are all tasks which of their own are completed very quickly and are also required quickly. For this reason, the parking time required until time is available in the grinding shop cannot be justified.