BEMA FSM 260 lever-operated flat grinding machine

Why work with an expensive, large grinding machine when you can use a small, less expensive one? Simply insert pieces in the vice and tighten it or place them on the magnet, sand them and you're done.

1. No waiting time for alignment tasks
2. No waiting time in the grinding shop
3. No interrupting grinding tasks
4. Space requirement 1m²

Special accessories:

  • 2-axis digital display
  • machine underframe with stowage compartment

Standard accessories:

  • 3 axes manually-operated
  • Schneeberger cross-roller guides in 3 axes
  • control tool
  • operating instructions

Technical data:

  • grinding spindle speed 5200 rpm
  • grinding disc diameter 125mm
  • grinding spindle holder hinged 45° each side
  • grinding length 260mm
  • grinding width 180 mm
  • grinding height 220 mm

Download our info sheet as PDF here.