Milling Cutter Shaft-Free-GRINDING MACHINE "BEMA 3"

The grinding machine is used for the free grinding of the milling cutter shaft. The compact construction enables the grinding machine to be placed on every size of work bench.

This means that the worker can immediately free grind the milling cutter shaft as required for the current machining process. The tool holder can accommodate milling cutters of diameters between 1-20 mm. The speed of the milling cutter is infinitely variable.

With the aid of a depth stop a milling cutter can be clamped in the holder with repeatable precision.

The grinding disc is driven by a two-stage motor. This is an advantage when working with diamond discs.

Technical Data “BEMA 3“

  • Robust machine housing with integrated dust-protected motor
  • Quiet, vibration-free running
  • Well arranged position of controls
  • Grinding disc protection with connection point for a suction system                                   
  • Drive motor output: 0.25 KW
  • Grinding disc: Ø100x5 mm
  • Speed of disc spindle: 2250/4500 rpm
  • Clamping range: Ø1 - Ø20 mm      


RAL7035 / RAL7037

Download the overview as PDF file.