BEMA System 4001 - Working Material


Duroplast BEMA Red is an extremely easy to use cast plastic for modeling which cures within 15 minutes. To get a honey-like texture the two components, powder and liquid, will be mixed with a ratio of 2:1. The mixing and pouring process can be done without the use of a vacuum. Even without a vacuum the smallest surface structures will be reproduced. After curing the Duroplast red can be finished by using standard tools and is suitable to get polished afterwards. Even the subsequent adding of material or the rework of the model is not a problem. The model cured of Duroplast red has a tremendous resistance to wear which is a big advantage during the mechanical scanning procedure with a hard metal stylus. Due to the high edge strength the Duroplast will not get any edge chipping. The form stability is maintained up to 80 °C. After producing a plaster mould the Duroplast castig can be burned out residue-free./p>


BEMA Silicone Green is a universal doubling material for all types of doubling work. Due to its easy mixing ratio of 1:1, the superb detail reproduction, the shape consistency and storage-stability BEMA Silicone Green is a very rational and time saving product. The surface of a model which is produced in a BEMA Silicone Green form will be smooth and hard without any finishing treatment. The silicone is nearly shrinkage free because of the used platin curing system, therefore it is not necessary to use the silicone form right after it is cured. The hardness of the fully cured silicone form is about 16-18 Shore A.