Machine list

Milling machines:

5 axis finishing CNC maximal values:
X path: 1300 mm
Y path: 710 mm
Z path: 710 mm

Manual milling finishing Maximal values:
X path: 500 mm
Y path: 400 mm
Z path: 400 mm
with universal rotary and swivelling table


CNC turning maximal values:
Diameter: 460 mm
Distance between centres: 1000 mm

Conventional turning maximal values:
Diameter: 400 mm
Distance between centres: 1000 mm

Grinding machines:

Flat grinding machine
Magnet: 150 mm x 300 mm
Magnet: 200 mm x 550 mm

Welding apparatus:

Welding aluminium up to 20mm thickness
Welding stainless steel to 20mm thickness
Welding steel


Keyways up to 18m width


up to diameter 150mm


steel, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic and cast parts

Quality Assurance:

Zeiss 3-D measuring machine with test log
800 mm x 600 mm x 400 mm